Before you go to any place to spend your vacation, you should do enough research on it beforehand, especially if you are going with your family. There are a lot of things to take care of that eventually results in a successful and enjoyable vacation. There are chances of ending up in a good deal and ultimate comforts with advance and proper research.

bali-resortsAs you might already know, Bali is the most important island of Indonesia. Hence, it should be a great idea if you are planning your next vacation in Bali. Every year the place attracts millions of tourists. The natural landscapes, cultural heritages, beautiful beaches, adventure sports, thrilling exploration provide ample scope for enjoyment. Since Bali is no longer an unknown name to the rest of the world, hence if you want to look out for privacy areas, away from the reach of tourists, you should venture for the mountains or the northern coasts.

Since climatic conditions of certain areas in Bali can prove to be very hot and at times you might get delayed for your plans because of the chaos caused by traffic, you need to choose your place of stay wisely. Travelling on local arrangements can prove to be very hectic; hence you should book for a rental car at the time of your planning for the trip. Not only shall that ensure you greater comfort but shall save a lot of your time. If budget becomes an issue, you can visit car rental service, where you will get the best within your budget.

bali-foodBali was at time considered not up to the mark when it came to quality food. However, there has been a great deal of improvement in the hygiene standards of the place. You might avoid the street foods as a precautionary measure for your health.

The place takes it very seriously when it comes to religious customs or festivals and events. Hence avoid doing anything that might hurt the sentiments of the people. When you are visiting any religious place in Bali, you need to be in modest dresses and maintain proper conduct. The New Year for Bali is known as Nyepi. During this time, everything in Bali remains closed including airports. Hence if you want to be a part of this great occasion, you need to plan your trip accordingly.

Things are not that cheap in Bali. There are ample opportunities though, to stay, eat and shop well within your budget, however, it is advisable not to try out anything without asking for the price beforehand. A drink or a spa might cost you more than you think. It is better to avail some online discounts which you will get a plenty nowadays.

There is a donation procedure in Bali for the stray dogs that you will find in the Island. It is known as ‘doggy donation’.  My feeling is you should make a donation there since the number of dogs you will find straying on the island is uncountable. It is better to stay away from them or the monkeys for health reasons.

The bottom line is every place has its own customs, so it is always better to enjoy to your heart’s content but to do so safely.


A wonderful trip to a magnificent place called Malaysia

One fine day I decided to explore a new place, Malaysia. It needed a good planning and it was a time-taking process since I needed to book flight tickets, hotels, ferries etc. After everything was done, i was on my way to Malaysia. I knew a bit of the Malaysian history and geography. Malaysia is the 67th largest country in terms of land area. The South China Sea separates the two parts of Malaysia and it is a federation of thirteen federal states and three federal territories. I was excited enough to visit this recently industrialized place and carry back home some memories that I would cherish forever.

The Ferry from one nation to another:

Malaysia is, on the one hand, a developing nation and a modern world on the other. Having booked the ferry tickets from a website, I faced no problem in getting a ferry ride that provided me with wonderful services and took me around the tourist spots. Mainly, the ferry gave me a ride from Singapore to Johor Desaru, which is in Malaysia. From there you can visit the Johor city and then you can take a car/ferry/train/plane ride to the capital city Kuala Lumpur.